Gateway of India, IPA – Small Batch Series – 8.5% ABV

A highly hopped beer with hints of orange blossom aroma with citrus and tropical notes. The high hop notes with a moderate dry finish provides an aftertaste of both malt and hops. The mouthfeel is medium and well-rounded to unwind with citrusy and tropical hop notes. The beer is a throwback to the days when beer was transported to India. It’s a beer that’ll spur your imagination.

The British troops were in India and beer was shipped from Britain to India by ship. It took close to 6 months to ship the beer. However, being on the ship for 6 months, the beer would go bad by the time it arrived at the ports in India. The British brewers tried several methods to preserve the beer and experimented by adding more hops to preserve the beer. This did lead to success in preserving the beer on the 6-month journey to India. Hence the name India Pale Ale. The Gateway of India, is a monument in India, and it’s at a port in India. It’s a play on words which ties the concept of beer brewed with high hops, that traveled to India years ago, hence the name Gateway of India.

Warrior Knight, IPA – 6.3% ABV

A moderately high hopped beer with hints of grapefruit, melon, black pepper & tropical fruit. The moderately high hop bitterness is balanced out with a nutty malt flavor. The mouthfeel is medium with a smooth texture. Designed for that Warrior Knight in us all.

The flavor of this beer reminds us of places in Portugal called Tomar and Batalha where the Knights Templar used to be. The flavors of the foods in Portugal comes out in this beer using warrior hops. It’s a play on words connecting warrior hops, the knights templar and memories of visiting Tomar and Batalha in Portugal.

Alt Refresh – American Wheat Beer – 5.5% ABV

A moderate malty sweet aroma, with hints of breadiness and an earthy aroma. The mouthfeel is a soft caramelly malt flavor which is very delicate for a light crisp, low hop note. You may start thinking of being at the ocean.

The American Wheat Beer is a bit hoppier than its German cousin. Wheat beers date back to the 15th century. Wheat was available in abundance and brewers used a combination of wheat and barley to make a wheat beer that had suspended protein and a high viscosity to it. The word “Alt” means old in German. However this particular wheat beer has a refreshing taste of a burst of orange and tangerines to it. Hence a play on computer words like “Ctrl-Alt-Delete”, “Alt-Refresh” was coined.

Industrious Porter – 6.5% ABV

A strong dark malt aroma with caramelly, chocolate aromas. The mouthfeel is velvety smooth with a hint of mint chocolate bringing out the richness in the malt profile for a medium sweet, moderate hop bitterness. This beer will take you back in time of early London Porters, but there is a richness to this beer for a classy finish.

The porter beer style origin is as early as 1721. It was one of the first beers that was brewed in the industrial era in giant vats using dark malts and tended to be a stronger beer. The beer was very popular with the British working class called porters who would have a pint as that would energize them to continue working and doing physical labor. Given the industrial revolution, the malt of this beer had gone through several innovations as well as the equipment in making beer. The industrial revolution produced one new mechanical marvel after another, London’s porter breweries put them to use with startling speed and ingenuity. Steam engines were put into use in London’s porter breweries within months of being patented.

Wexford Red, Irish Red Ale – 4.8% ABV

A moderate malt aroma with a caramelly toasty character. The mouthfeel is medium light with a biscuity note. The hop bitterness is low with a clean and smooth finish. The beer is will remind you of that trip to Ireland or make you think of visiting Ireland.

We drove around Ireland and happened to stop by Wexford. A really beautiful place with quaint little pubs and traditional Irish folk music. It’s known for its medieval lanes and the opera festival held in the modern National Opera House. West Gate Heritage Tower is a restored 13th-century tollgate.

KolschWerks, Kolsch style ale – 4.8% ABV

A clean crisp, refreshing, almost cool like ice, beer with a subtle sweetness and hop character. It’s soft, it’s brilliant to look at, with medium-low hop bitterness for a clean dry finish. The mouth feel is medium high carbonation, that’s smooth and crisp. You’ll feel like making a splash with this eau-de-cologne!

We wanted to create an all year light refreshing beer that people would gravitate to depending on the night or the weather. The Koslch is actually an ale that finishes like a lager but is real cool and refreshing to drink in Spring and Summer. It actually feels like drinking fizzy ice cold water with a hint of tender coconut.

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